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Truecaller users are making half billion calls every month

Truecaller users are making half billion calls every month

Arab Finance: Truecaller, one of the leading mobile communication applications in the world, today announced that its users are making more than half a billion calls per month through the Truecaller app. The significant user landmark was reached just four months after the company set off on a mission to completely change one of the most important features of a mobile phone: the dialer.


“Today marks a great milestone for the company, as our users are making more than half a billion calls per month through the Truecaller app – this is a great testament that shows that we helping to solve daily communication problems.”- says Nami Zarringhalam, co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Truecaller. “We’re also very excited to introduce TrueAds to the market. We will now open up our ad inventory for brands to be able to accurately target potential customers.”


Making communication safer and more efficient by offering users more information about those with whom they communicate is core to Truecaller’s mission. With the integration of the new features, Truecaller provides users with an essential tool to have more control over their incoming and outgoing calls.


Integrated new features:

Smart Call History replaces unknown numbers with real names and faces in the call history, even for numbers that are not saved in contacts. Users do not need to save contacts to their phonebook.
Availability indicates whether friends and contacts are free to talk before you call.  Never get a busy signal or interrupt someone again.
Built-in dialer allows users to make all calls directly with Truecaller.

In addition to this milestone, Truecaller has launched two other services; TrueAds and TrueSDK.



Brands can now advertise in the Truecaller app. Mobile advertising on Truecaller relies on Call Intent Targeting (CIT) to serve custom messaging when users are present and engaged: searching for phone numbers (either a person or business) or in notifications after users have received a phone call. Advertisers are also invited to create mobile phone takeovers by adding brand elements, such as color and messaging, to the native Truecaller interface — further immersing users in a complete brand experience.



TrueSDK enables third party apps to easily onboard users with their Truecaller profile and their Truecaller verified phone number. This service can be used by developers to sign up, update a user’s information, or simply verify the user’s phone number based identity in their mobile apps through user consent.

App Developers are looking for ways to further streamline user onboarding and engagement flows. TrueSDK gives developers an opportunity to fulfill these needs and help bridge offline and online identity gaps. Instead of having every app developer build and maintain their own systems, they can now use TrueSDK and instead focus more on their core aspects of their app led offering.

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