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Vodafone presents 4G applications at Cairo ICT 2016

Vodafone presents 4G applications at Cairo ICT 2016

Cairo: Vodafone Egypt is continually working to provide the latest trends in technology and provide its clients with the best experience using mobile and internet, said CEO for Vodafone Egypt Stefano Gustaut.

At the Cairo ICT 2016 exhibition, the operator presented its best communications and information technologies.

He noted that launching the 4G service would put Egypt on the right path towards development and progress. “It also takes [Egypt] one step closer to becoming a digital society through utilising 4G services applications in our daily lives,” he added. “4G will also enable government bodies and enterprises to offer more sophisticated services.”

Vodafone is keen to present many 4G applications spanning several sectors for the sake of Egypt’s development.

This year, the Vodafone booth at Cairo ICT presents the latest technological solutions that rely on 4G applications for many sectors, including education, healthcare, business facilities, and developing cities. The company also seems keen to care for special needs and offer them solutions and applications through 4G services.

Moreover, this year’s Cairo ICT saw Vodafone’s “Ready Security” service, under the slogan “always be assured”. The service provides technical and technological solutions to meet customer requirements for securing their facilities and businesses.

The company also launched its “Ready Schools” service for the development of education in Egypt. The service relies on linking together parties associated with education (students, schools, and parents) by using technological solutions and smartphone applications. The service creates a communication channel between parents and school administrations to enable parents to follow their childrens’ activities via Business SMS, or notify them of their children’s performance in school immediately via SMS. The service could also be used to answer queries regarding students.

Vodafone also launched “Home Automation” services, which enable clients to access all home appliances anywhere in the world using smartphones. Through the service, clients can control lighting, electric appliances, and adjust heat and cooling levels.

This system also includes remote control of all doors, windows, and locks, as well as smoke detectors, security cameras, and sensors.

The company also introduced its “wearables” for tracking and protection, in addition to the “know me” application for people who are blind or who have impaired sight.

Source: Daily News Egypt


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