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AT&T tops ranking of telecom companies with $87bn

AT&T tops ranking of telecom companies with $87bn

Cairo: The Brand Finance report listed the top telecom companies in ranking of the value of their brands. The report included only one Egyptian company, Telecom Egypt (ETEL) , which came in the 170th spot amongst 500 companies included in the report.

AT & T saw its brand value grow 45% this year to 87 billion, overtaking Verizon as the most valuable telecom brand. The brand topped the ranking with an estimated brand value of 87bn, up from 59.9bn.

Verizon, though it has lost its position at the top of the table, remains strong, registering a two-point BSI score improvement and 4% brand value growth, placing it in second place with a value of 65.9bn, up from 63.1bn in last year's ranking.

#China Mobile was ranked third in 2017, with an estimated brand value of 46.7bn, down from 49.8bn last year—a decline of 6%.

T-Mobile came in fourth, with a brand value of 36.4bn, up from 33.1bn, marking a growth of 10%.

Xfinity came in fifth, one spot ahead from last year. The report showed the brand value increased by 8%, to go up from 24.1bn in 2016 to 26.1bn.

Vodafone came in sixth, down one spot from last year's ranking. The brand value declined from 27.8bn to 21.8bn this year—a sharp decline of 22%.

In seventh spot was ranked the French company Orange with an estimated value of 21.5bn, up from 19.1bn in 2016, achieving an increase of 13%.

NTT was ranked one spot ahead from last year. The report indicated the brand to be worth 21.1bn, up from 18.1bn last year, marking a growth of 16%.

Meanwhile, Softbank ranked ninth, two rankings ahead from last year. The brand value surged 26% from 16.3bn in 2016 to 20.6bn in the current year.

Tailing the list was Docomo, after having its brand value increased from 13.5bn last year to 19.4bn this year, marking an increase of 44%.

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04 Oct 2021
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