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Update 3: 109 listed firms deny any connection with Abraaj Capital

Update 3: 109 listed firms deny any connection with Abraaj Capital

ArabFinance: 109 listed companies on Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX) announced that they have nothing to do with Abraaj Capital. 

The following companies denied in their statements, sent to EGX, having any contractual relationship with Abraaj Capital:

  1. Rubex International for Plastic and Acrylic Manufacturing (RUBEX) (RUBX)
  2. Delta for Printing & Packaging (DTPP)
  3. Asek Company for Mining - Ascom (ASCM)
  4. Egyptians Housing, Development and Reconstruction (EHDR)
  5. Emaar Misr (EMFD)
  6. El-Ahli Investment and Development (AFDI)
  7. Genial Tours company (GETO)
  8. Saudi Egyptian Investment & Finance (SEIG)(SEIGA) 
  9. Al Moasher for Programming and Information Dissemination (AMPI)
  10. Pioneers Holding (PIOH)
  11. Arab Development & Real Estate Investment(ADRI)
  12. Arabia Investments, Development (AIND)
  13. Ismailia Misr Poultry (ISMA)
  14. CI Capital (CICH)
  15. Amer Group (AMER)
  16. Ismailia National Food Industries - Foodico(INFI) 
  17. International Company for Medical Industries (ICMI)
  18. Mena Touristic & Real Estate Investment (MENA)
  19. Al Fanar Contracting Construction Trade Import And Export Co (FNAR)
  20. TransOceans Tours (TRTO)
  21. Ismailia Development and Real Estate Co (IDRE)
  22. General Company for Land Reclamation, Development & Reconstructions (AALR)
  23. Cairo Development and Investment (CIRF)
  24. Ismailia Misr Poultry (ISMA)
  25. Egyptians Real Estate Fund Certificates - (EGREF)
  26. Heliopolis for Housing & Development (HELI)
  27. Egyptian International Tourism Projects - Americana (EITP)
  28. Rowad Tourism (Al Rowad) (ROTO)
  29. El Arabia for Land Reclamation (EALR)
  30. Arabian Food Industries Company Domty S.A.E. (DOMT)
  31. Extracted Oils (ZEOT)
  32. Northern Upper Egypt Development & Agricultural Production (NEDA)
  33. Dice Sport & Casual Wear (DSCW)
  34. Porto Group (PORT)
  35. Golden Coast Company (GOCO)
  36. El Wadi co. For Touristic Investment (ELWA)
  37. Acrow Misr (ACRO
  38. The National Bank of Kuwait (NBKE)
  39. Prime Holding (PRMH)
  40. ELSaeed Contracting & Real Estate Investment Company (SCCD) (UEGC)
  41. Naeem Holding (NAHO)
  42. Arabian Cement Company (ACC) (ARCC)
  43. Qalaa Holdings (CCAP)
  44. Suez Canal Company For Technology Settling - (SCTS)
  45. Misr Cement (Qena) (MCQE)
  46. Elsewedy Electric (SWDY)
  47. International Company for Fertilizers & Chemicals (ICFC)
  48. ReacapFinancial Investments (REAC)
  49. FerchemMisr Co. for Fertilizers & Chemicals (FERC)
  50. Golden Textiles & Clothes Wool (GTWL)
  51. Middle Egypt Flour Mills (CEFM)
  52. Alexandria National Co. for Financial Investment (ANFI)
  53. Zahraa Maadi Investment and Development (ZMID)
  54. Rakta Paper Manufacturing (RAKT)
  55. United Arab Shipping Company (UASC) (UASG)
  56. Alexandria New Medical Center (AMES)
  57. Gharbia Islamic Housing Development (GIHD)
  58. Delta Construction & Rebuilding (DCRC)
  59. Engineering Industries Company (ICON) (ENGC)
  60. Brothers Solidarity for Real Estate Investment & Food Security (BSRF)
  61. Pyramisa Hotels (PHTV)
  62. Alexandria Pharmaceuticals (AXPH)
  63. GB Auto (AUTO)
  64. Universal for Paper and Packaging Materials (Unipack) (UNIP)
  65. Nozha International Hospital (NINH)
  66. International Dry Ice Company- Difco 2 (DIFC)
  67. ElShams Pyramids For Hotels & Touristic Projects (SPHT)
  68. Integrated Engineering Group S.A.E (INEG)
  69. EFG Hermes (HRHO)
  70. Misr Hotels Company (MHOT)
  71. National Housing for Professional Syndicates (NHPS)
  72. Egyptian for Tourism Resorts (EGTS)
  73. North Africa Co. for Real Estate Investment (NOAF)
  74. Paint and Chemicals Industries - Pachin (PACH)
  75. Orascom Development Egypt (ODE) (ORHD)
  76. Canal Shipping Agencies (CSAG)
  77. Egyptian Arabian (Cmar) Securities Brokerage EAC (EASB)
  78. Egyptian Media Production City (EMPC) (MPRC)
  79. First Investment Company and Real Estate Development (FIRE)
  80. Egyptians For Investment & Urban Development (EIUD)
  81. International Co for Investment & Development (ICID)
  82. Egyptian Real Estate Group (AREH)(AREHA) 
  83. Samad Misr -EGYFERT (SMFR)
  84. Egyptian Transport (EGYTRANS) (ETRS)
  85. South Cairo & Giza Mills & Bakeries company (SCFM)
  86. GlaxoSmithKline (BIOC)
  87. Credit Agricole Egypt (CIEB).
  88. El Nasr Clothes & Textiles (Kabo) (KABO)
  89. Alexandria Cement (ALEX)
  90. Kafr El Zayat Pesticides Co. (KZPC)
  91. Alexandria Containers and goods Company (ALCN)
  92. Arab Polvara Spinning & Weaving Company (APSW)
  93. United Housing & Development (UNIT)
  94. MM Group for Industry and International Trading (MTI) (MTIE)
  95. Electro Cable Egypt (ELEC)
  96. Alexandria Spinning & Weaving's (Spinalex) (SPIN)
  97. Abu Qir Fertilizers and Chemicals Company (ABUK)
  98. El Obour Real Estate Investment (OBRI)
  99. Maridive & Oil Services (MOIL)
  100. Barbary Investment Group ( BIG) (BIGP)
  101. Egypt Aluminum (EGAL)
  102. El Kahera El Watania Investment (KWIN)
  103. Al Arafa for Investment and Consultancies Company (AIVC)
  104. Raya Contact Center (RACC)
  105. Alexandria Flour Mills Company (AFMC)
  106. El-Nasr for Manufacturing Agricultural Crops (ELNA)
  107. Al Baraka Bank Egypt (SAUD)
  108. The Arab Ceramic CO.- Ceramica Remas (CERA)
  109. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank – (ADIB - Egypt) (ADIB)


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