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Egyptian puppet Abla Fahita to get her own Netflix series

Egyptian puppet Abla Fahita to get her own Netflix series

Cairo:  Egyptian puppet Abla Fahita is set to present her own series on Netflix, bringing her own brand of wit and amusing commentary to a world stage.

The show, scheduled for release in 2020, is Netflix’s second Egyptian original production.

According to Netflix, the show “will shed light on the human side of Abla Fahita in a social comedy drama full of thrills.”

The series will follow Abla Fahita’s adventures after becoming one of the leading stars in the Arab world. Her life is turned upside down when she finds herself being chased by the law and society in the upcoming series.

“D**n this globalization! I barely had enough time for my own show and now they want me to do a series,” Abla Fahita jokingly commented. “I always say that Egyptian comedy is a great product for export after Egyptian cotton. And it’s obvious how the world today is a sad place in dire need of laughter. And nothing beats the Egyptian sense of humor to relieve the world of its misery,” the puppet added.

The Netflix show will be Abla Fahita’s first attempt at acting in a scripted series, having entertained millions during her previous TV appearances.

The series will be released in more than 20 languages and 158 million viewers from 190 countries will have access to the content.

“We are very excited to be collaborating with Abla Fahita, one of the most prominent comedians in Egypt and the wider Arab region,” Ahmed Sharkawi, director of international originals at Netflix said. “We are looking forward to working with Abla Fahita in order to bring our Arab and international audience a fun, innovative series full of laughter and excitement.”

The satirical character first appeared in 2010 in an online commercial for a telecoms company. She proved so popular that she was given her own TV show, “Abla Fahita Live from the Duplex,” and appeared in other commercials. She has also released a number of songs. Source: Zawya

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