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Ibnsina Pharma donates EGP 5M to Egyptian seasonal workers

Ibnsina Pharma donates EGP 5M to Egyptian seasonal workers

ArabFinance: In line with the Egyptian government's efforts to combat coronavirus, Ibnsina Pharma (ISPH) decided to donate in favour of Ahalina initiative to support irregular workers, according to the company’s May 20th statement filed to the Egyptian Exchange.

This came in response to the Egyptian government's decision to launch a bank account number 2030 for donations to aid seasonal workers who have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The company invests an average of EGP 250 -300 million and inaugurates 3-4 new branches on a yearly basis, as it did not reveal a specific amount for investment or a number of branches to be inaugurated for 2020.

Ibnsina Pharma is an Egypt-based pharmaceutical distribution company. The company distributes a portfolio of pharmaceutical products from over 350 Egyptian and multinational companies to more than 35,000 customers including pharmacies, hospitals, retail outlets, and wholesalers.




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