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ExxonMobil, Trella bring digital innovation to trucking industry

ExxonMobil, Trella bring digital innovation to trucking industry

ArabFinance: ExxonMobil Egypt signed an agreement with Trella, a technology platform that connects shippers to carriers, aiming to disrupt the freight industry in Egypt with innovative solutions and tech-fueled growth, the company said in an emailed press release.

This is ExxonMobil’s first direct investment and collaboration with a tech startup in the Middle East and North Africa.

This initiative allows Trella to bring even greater value to the freight marketplace through enhanced trucking productivity and efficiency, increased work opportunities for truck drivers, and empowering drivers and fleets with the use of Mobil Delvac - ExxonMobil’s heavy-duty diesel engine oils designed to help commercial trucks boost uptime and reduce fuel costs.

“This investment and support aims to provide our leading edge Mobil lubricants truck customers with access to trusted quality jobs in Egypt via an innovative digital platform,'' Mohamed El Assar, Market Development Manager at ExxonMobil Egypt, commented.

Founded in 2019, Trella is on a mission to optimize the trucking industry across Egypt, the Middle East, and North Africa. The B2B technology platform connects shippers and carriers in real-time, using data to optimize drivers’ routes and increase the volume of backhauls.

This platform empowers truckers to get more valuable, consistent business, while also reducing costs for shippers by improving load utilization and efficiency and enabling shipment tracking in real-time.


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04 Oct 2021
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