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Ezz Elarab Group uncovers Volvo Gallery

Ezz Elarab Group uncovers Volvo Gallery

ArabFinance: Ezz Elarab Group, the sole importer and exclusive distributor of Volvo cars in Egypt, inaugurated the Swedish luxury brand’s very first ever Volvo Gallery in Egypt and North Africa, Daily News reported.

The gallery is a new and innovative marketing concept that combines a car showroom with a café, incorporating the latest concepts and services to provide unique memorable customer experience.

The newly opened gallery is not just a showroom, but rather a destination that is designed to immerse visitors in the aroma and tastes of Sweden, while also providing awareness for the Volvo brand in general.

Volvo’s Gallery is located in Sheikh Zayed District over an area of 300 square meters at ‘TWELVE’ by The Platform, and is easily accessible via the 26th of July Corridor.

Ezz Elarab is fortunate to be chosen as Volvo’s ninth concept in the world, alongside Stockholm, Milano, Tokyo, Manhattan, Warsaw, Seoul, Taipei, and Kuwait.

The company chose the Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters as a service partner, one of the finest and most popular coffee roasters and brewers on the market today. These seven fortunes will be responsible for setting up and running the café section of Volvo Gallery.

“Ever since we entered the Egyptian market, Ezz Elarab Automotive Group has shown strong leadership skills and significant presence within the automotive market in Egypt,” Hisham Ezz Elarab, Chairperson of the Ezz Elarab Automotive Group, commented.

“We have also guaranteed the improvement of service levels that we provide to the Volvo’s customers who appreciate technology and luxury in cars,” Ezz Elarab added.





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