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Manzzeli plans to export products by 2024

Manzzeli plans to export products by 2024

ArabFinance: Manzzeli, online electronic commerce (e-commerce) platform, penetration into online furniture sales proved very popular, especially among category A users, Daily News cited Ahmed Amin, CEO and founder of Manzzeli, on July 29th.

However, with the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the demand for buying furniture and home accessories across the platform has increased significantly.

It increased to the extent that it began to attract the interests of the middle classes as well.

Amin added that Manzzeli is the first hybrid Egyptian platform that combines electronic marketing and traditional marketing.

He explained that the company launched hybrid marketing solutions to digitally transform the Egyptian customer’s shopping experience, by opening the first design studio. This aims to help the user design and order the product themselves.

Amin said that over the past 18 months, the platform’s requests have multiplied five times, and that they aim to increase it 40 times over the next five years. He noted that the market value of Manzzeli has increased 15 times over the past two years.

The CEO revealed the availability of more than 15,000 different products on the platform divided into six categories, with two new categories to be launched during 2021.

He further noted that the company is aiming to launch a 12-month dedicated training academy with the aim of setting a framework and standard for studio and furniture designs. It is currently organizing an annual fair as an offline marketplace event for authorized suppliers and other partners.

Additionally, the company plans to start exporting its products to Arab countries in 2024, by establishing its own production line for household products and furniture.




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04 Oct 2021
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