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Three Arab countries build new benchmarks for sustainable future cities: Schneider Electric

Three Arab countries build new benchmarks for sustainable future cities: Schneider Electric

Arab Finance: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE are currently creating new benchmarks for designing and developing new sustainable smart cities of the future, according to an emailed press release by Schneider Electric on May 18th.

Future cities are likely to include 70% of the population worldwide by 2050, where future cities could be integrated hubs for innovation and better living standards.

The world’s population is expected to reach around 9.8 billion people by 2050.

These comments were made on the sidelines of a session organized by Schneider Electric, entitled “Future of Cities”, at its Innovation Summit Middle East and Africa (MEA), where international experts and corporate leaders have discussed the digital future of cities.

The participants of the event have agreed the future of cities in the region will count on big data, renewable energy, electricity, and smart mobility.

The UAE, particularly Dubai, has been working for years to build the future of all sectors as it is forming the benchmark to become a sustainable nation, Luc Remont, Executive Vice President for International Operations at Schneider Electric, said.

Remont also highlighted the key role of enhancing operational efficiency in cities of the future through regular evaluation of the efficiency of buildings, roads, data centers, and infrastructure.

For his part, Patrick Noack, Executive Director of Future, Foresight, and Imagination at Dubai Future Foundation, stated during the event: “Smart global cities, including Dubai, are achieving major milestones in setting a benchmark for future cities.”

“These milestones encompass modern roads equipped to stay ahead of future smart mobility solutions, such as smart, electric, and self-driving vehicles. Thus, Dubai remains prepared for various future solutions,” Noack added.

During the event, CEO and Managing Director of Tatweer Misr Ahmed Shalaby said that countries in the region such as Egypt, UAE, and Saudi Arabia are working on the development of new sustainable cities, which is “a promising indicator”.

Shalaby also highlighted Egypt’s 2052 vision, which targets doubling urban development in Egypt from 7% to 14% by 2052 across 61 cities, of which 24 are new. Therefore, he called on the private sector to take part in setting these sustainable opportunities for future cities to benefit everyone.

The fifth edition of the Innovation Summit MEA, Schneider Electric’s flagship customer event, is taking place in Dubai from May 18th to 19th. 

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