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Egypt to impose 100% tariff on fish exports: source

Egypt to impose 100% tariff on fish exports: source

Cairo: Tariffs due to be imposed on Egypt's fish exports will range between EGP50,000 to 150,000 per tonne, constituting a 100% of one tonne value of fish exported abroad, a source at Ministry of Agriculture's General Authority for Fish Resources Development told Al-Mal newspaper.

" Exporting prices reached EGP50,000 per tonne for tilpia fish, almost 3 US dollars, while one tonne of seabass amounted to EGP150,000, equivelent to 8 euros," said the source that preferred to remain anonymous.

Minister of Supply and Internal Trade Dr. Aly Meselhy said today that he agreed with the prime minister Engi. Sherif Ismail and mininster of Trade and Industy Eng. Tarek Kabel to impose 100% tariffs on fish exported abroad amid a current trend of rising prices.

Replying to a question raised on the sidelines of ' Food Africa' exhibition, Meselhy said that minister of Industry is charged with specifying the timing of issuing a decree that imposes the tariff.

" A majorty of Egypt's fish exports is generated by the marine fisheries, not farms whose much of their outputs go to local markets," said the source, noting that Egypt's fish output amounts to 1.6 million tonne, with 1.1mn tonne of fish produced in farms and 500,000 tonne in marine fisheries.

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13 Jun 2022
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