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Discounts never managed to enhance auto sales

Discounts never managed to enhance auto sales

Cairo: Stagnation rocking auto market in Egypt continues to have the upper-hand despite latest round of discounts triggered to curtail rising automobile prices.

" The Egyptian market saw a slight rebound in sales after the dealership agents announce the discounts, but the rapid rise in US dollar against the local currency drove the market into a messy and turbulent state once again," said manager of Farag Group Car Showroom Mohmed Farag.

" Many brands were induced to make the discounts last beyond last March with some companies offering EGP25,000 discounts in the hope of alleviating the impact of stagnation."

"Ideas for Assembling cars locally through entering partnerships with internationally-recognized auto companies in the incorporation of joint stock companies may help enhance selling activity, but implementing them is not an easy task." 


Source: Al-Mal Newspaper 

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13 Jun 2022
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