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  • New health insurance law boosts ranking of economy: deputy minister

    New health insurance law boosts ranking of economy: deputy minister

    Cairo: Deputy Minister of Finance Dr. Mohmed Moeet hailed the experience Egypt acquired while drafting a new law for national health insurance, noting that the law will drive up Egypt's economic ranking and that its blueprint managed to overcome multiple hurdles related to finances as well as management.

    " Philosophy of the scheme rests on building a new system so inclusive that it provides all family members with health insurance, thereby protecting them against the negative effects originating from the demise of breadwinners," Moeet addressed a conference organized by the World Bank on the sidelines of Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

    The new law, due to be implemented as of next July in PortSaid province, aims not only at reforming the national health insurance but also the entire healthcare scheme. In addition to the regulatory role played by Ministry of Health, the three organizations of the Comprehensive Social Health Authority, the Healthcare Authority, and Health Control and Accredition Authority are installed in order to put in place a renovated efficient scheme that can deliver healthcare services to all segments of the Egyptian society, he added.

    Among its highly regarded advantages are the provision of quality healthcare service inclusive of the treatment of all diseases in addition to affording beneficiaries the option of choosing their preferable hospital, clinic, or medical center, he added.

    " Several countries attempted to implement all-inclusive health insurance systems, but, owing to lacking essential financial sustainability, they had to shut them down later on," said he, noting that Egypt's system relies on sources for funding as diverse as subscriptions, budgetary allocations, cigarette, food and drug sales, making sure that the system will remain as financially sustainable as possible.


    Source: AlMal Newspaper

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