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ROSATOM to choose foreign partner for wind parks in Russia

ROSATOM to choose foreign partner for wind parks in Russia

Arab Finance: ROSATOM to end of the current year will choose a foreign technology partner for construction of three wind parks in Russia, ROSATOM’s First Deputy CEO Kirill Komarov said in an interview with TASS on Saturday during the UN conference on the climate change.

"I can say, at the initial stage, 21 companies expressed interest in the project, and now we have a shortlist of three companies, so that before the yearend to decide on the partner and to sign necessary papers," he said, adding the government’s strict requirement of 65% localization is the biggest concern.

"Every station is to be built in Russia, and then the government is ready to pay for the project," he continued. "Localization offers many additional advantages - new jobs, new technologies for the country, thus making most important choice of a right partner - it should be prepared for a major transfer of technologies into Russia."

The investments in the project for three wind parks is about one billion euros, he said.

"A huge number of various banks and other financial institutions demonstrate a very big interest to investing in this project," the official continued. "As yet, we even do not need to negotiate with foreign investors, as all major Russian banks have come to us with suggestions on participation in the project, which is a very reasonable project."

ROSATOM has won a competition to build in Russia wind energy facilities with the capacity of 610 megawatts. The state corporation also may in future approach the international market with complex offers on construction of wind parks in other countries. All equipment for the wind energy generation will be produced in Russia.


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04 Oct 2021
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