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RippleNami announces partnership to provide blockchain in digitization

RippleNami announces partnership to provide blockchain in digitization

ArabFinance: RippleNami, Inc., provider of the only blockchain map-based data visualization platform, announces a partnership with Data Edge Revenue, a Freetown, Sierra Leone-based systems integration company focused on advancing digitization in West Africa.

The partnership provides blockchain-based solutions to help public and private players deliver economic opportunities, critical services and resources to improve the lives of the people of West Africa.

“Data now serves as a key currency in today’s economy,” said Jaye Connolly-LaBelle, president and chief executive officer of RippleNami. “This partnership accelerates the local and global benefits that this new currency delivers, while sparing West African countries the inefficiencies and costs of legacy data silos.”

“Our partnership comes at the right time. Today, West African countries lack physical records, much less the digital data needed to connect their citizens to social services and economic opportunities,” said Malador Sowe, president and chief executive officer of Data Edge Revenue. “Fortunately, blockchain and cloud computing advancements, as well as the embracement of mobile lifestyles, enable West African countries to leapfrog legacy systems to quickly make essential services affordable and accessible on a large scale.

RippleNami’s unique visualization technology makes complex data relevant and intuitive, a prerequisite to widespread adoption of these services in emerging economies.”

“Data Edge Revenue and RippleNami share the vision that digitization is the most powerful path to enabling social and economic advancement. Digitization will enable the people of West Africa to fully participate in the global economy, and move from taxpayers to shareholders,” said Phil Gahn, chief business development officer and founder of RippleNami. “Data Edge Revenue brings the go-to-market experience and deep relationships with consumers, enterprises and governments in the region to drive investment, collaboration and adoption.”

The RippleNami / Data Edge Revenue partnership reinforces RippleNami’s commitment to serve Africa’s nascent technology market. Connolly-LaBelle said, “Our experience in East Africa shows that map-based visualization unlocks the power of big data technologies like blockchain. Without providing visual context, blockchain-based systems will struggle to deliver large-scale, advanced social, economic and civic benefits. This partnership builds on our growing momentum to bring these benefits to people throughout Africa.”

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