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Arab Finance continues progress, hits top 85 list

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04 Oct 2009 02:14 PM

Arab Finance: Arab Finance Brokerage Company has moved 14 places in Q3 2009 to join top 85-brokerage companies list  in the Egyptian market with trade value of L.E 284 million while trading volume hit 29 million shares (about 21.000 transactions).

Arab Finance has came in place 129 in Q1 2009 with trade value of L.E 46 million and 6 million shares (5536 transactions). The company made significant leap in Q2 2009 after values hit L.E 238 million and 34 million shares trading volume over 16.000 transactions according to Egyptian Stock Exchange report.

It is notable that, the company, which holds the slogan of “empowering the smart investor”, has launched recently workstation service “Isharet el Borsa” through which customers will be able to immediately follow stocks movement, companies breaking news and technical and financial reports.

Additionally, AF workstation enables customers to directly put their orders over traded stock in Egyptian Stock Exchange.

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