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Arab Finance Apps

To the real investors who want to monitor their portfolios and to be updated with their stocks and Egyptian market, Arab Finance has upgraded its bilingual application to provide unparalleled access to the EGX & financial news.
The simplicity of the app reflects on the speed and accuracy of its features, which is vital in financial markets.
Arab Finance application caters for subscribers, free users and Arab Finance brokerage clients.

Top Features

  • Bilingual app.
  • Portfolio display revamp.
  • Top 5 securities in terms of performance worst, best & highest in volume and value.
  • Create multiple lists to track unlimited # of stocks.
  • Charts – for all EGX indices.
  • News – monitor all financial news directly from our news portal, enabling you to save your top news and share it with your friends.
  • More display of company details.

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