Telecom Egypt, 4iG ink deal to construct express subsea cable

Updated 2/4/2024 7:03:00 AM
Telecom Egypt, 4iG ink deal to construct express subsea cable

Arab Finance: Telecom Egypt and the Hungarian industrial digitization platform 4iG Plc signed the terms of cooperation for the creation of an express subsea cable connecting Albania and Egypt, as per a press release by Telecom Egypt.

Both parties signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in this regard in October 2023.

With the construction of the express subsea cable, a high-capacity link between Africa and Asia, the Red Sea, Egypt, the Mediterranean, and Albania will be connected to Europe.

The Mediterranean route of the proposed underwater cable promises to be a novel route, adding another dimension of variation to the traditional connections between Egypt, Italy, and France.

With an efficient marine course and the possibility to be extended to important Mediterranean destinations like Libya, Cyprus, and Greece, the cable system is expected to take a significant market share in the rapidly expanding data traffic market connecting Asia, East Africa, and Europe.

The subsea cable's original design includes a branch to Italy, giving customers flexible extension choices and an open point-of-presence approach at both ends.

The cable will provide Egypt with access to a vast network of subsea cables that cross the Red Sea on their way to Asia and Africa. In addition, there are more than ten land-based trans-Egypt routes that link the Mediterranean cable segment to other Red Sea extension alternatives.

The system guarantees the fastest route to Frankfurt from Albania and acts as a point of entry for vital international travel destinations in Eastern and Central Europe, such as Sofia, Vienna, and Budapest.

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